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The Library Service(less than a year ago)

So nice to meet both you and Becky and glad you like your "new look " library. For us it was a pleasure to work at your school, everyone was so friendly and welcoming, including the children who were so pleasant and polite. Their reaction when they saw the library being stocked with all the new books was just wonderful, showing such enthusiasm for their true love of books and reading. To us, this was amazing and made our job so worthwhile.

Parent(less than a year ago)

The walking bus is really good and enjoyable, social experience for the children. They learn about road safety and become more aware of their environment.

SC(less than a year ago)

I am emailing to say how polite and well behaved your children were on a visit to Weston Park Museum. I was visiting with my one year old daughter, who is learning to walk. She was fascinated by the children and kept toddling up to them to see what they were doing. All the children were nice to her, saying hello and moving out of the way as she toddled past. Thank you to all the children and teachers for being understanding and sharing the museum space with us.

Emma Gyte(a couple of years ago)

Well done to all who attended the mcmillan coffee morning. Only a few came but all support will be appreciated. Together we can make a difference.

Angela wragg(a couple of years ago)

Another fantastic day spent with brilliant children , excellent parents & dedicated staff, for another wonderful Woodhouse West Sports day. Just love it xxxx

Angela wragg(a couple of years ago)

Fab new website , brilliant job Mrs Little ,look forward to seeing all the great news& events about our children's school days xx


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