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Back to school in September

Summer Holiday Challenges

Below are summer project challenges for you to complete over the 6 weeks holiday if you would like to.


Tweet photos of your projects onto school's Twitter account to show us your learning.

Back to school in September


Senior Leadership Team

Assistant Headteacher/ Phase 2 Leader
Assistant Headteacher/ Phase 2 Leader
Assistant Headteacher/ Phase 3 Leader
Assistant Headteacher/ Phase 3 Leader

What is transition and why is it important?


Transition = the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another


Successful transition relies on fostering communication between all stakeholders & developing shared understandings.


At Woodhouse West, our prime concern is that our pupils feel safe and happy and therefore are ready to learn


At this time of year, as we end the summer term, our thoughts move to September and for our pupils this means change. For many, a new school year, new year group, new teacher and a new classroom is exciting… but there can be a few nerves too. We believe in preparing our pupils for change- making the unknown, known- and this is why we have a well-developed programme of transition which would normally involve each pupil spending time with their new teacher before breaking up for the summer holidays.  


Transition is doubly important this year, as pupils will not only be moving year groups but many will also be transitioning back into school after a long period of time at home. Therefore we have adapted our transition programme and created this page to help settle any nervous tummies!


In the table below, you can find out which teacher each class will move to in September, then click on the year group door (for the year the pupil will be in September) to see photos of the year group team and read a letter from your new class teacher. The new class teacher has also set a ‘Getting to Know You’ activity to complete over the summer.


There is also a letter to reassure pupils (and parents) about returning to school after so long at home and some tips to help keep children calm.


For pupils starting in Nursery and Reception, there is a different programme of transition which has already begun with the Foundation Stage class teachers contacting you. 


To our Year 6 pupils, we wish you well as you move to secondary school.

Your new classes in September


Information Booklet September opening

Please find below an information booklet which details how school will run in September. Please read this before the start of the new school year as lots of things have changed e.g. start and end times, drop off/pick up locations etc.


This information is subject to change based on updates and guidance from the government and local authority. You will be updated about this through ParentMail and on the website if needed.

Welcome back to Woodhouse West

A short video to explain some of the changes in school for when you return

It's ok to feel...

A video to talk about your emotions

Hand washing Video

How to wash your hands when you're in school.

Getting a good nights sleep for school

Have sleep routines gone out of the window during lock down? As we start to go back to school and work, here are some tips for better sleep for young children.