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Coronavirus Updates

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School is now closed until further notice.


Those children who are able to access school through Government guidelines have now been notified. If your child is at home and you have any concerns you can contact a member of the Senior Leadership team between 8:15am- 4:15pm Monday-Friday.      


A Bailey Headteacher   07395946453
L Rimmer or H Rimmer Assistant Heads  07468515083
K Herrington Assistant Head       07950608793
M Hill Assistant Head  07395946452


If you have concerns regarding Safeguarding or SEND, please contact a member of the team below between 8:15am- 4:15pm Monday-Friday.


K Parkes SENDCo 07824649244
F Pringle Safeguarding and Inclusion Manager  07429953749



Coronavirus Updates from Sheffield City Council

Updates Tuesday 17th March 2020


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