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Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent


At Woodhouse West Primary School we endeavour to provide an engaging, thought-provoking and broad curriculum which develops the children's skills to overcome a variety of challenges. Our curriculum is built around objectives set out in the National Curriculum which covers the following subjects; English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art and Design, Design Technology, Music, Physical Education and Languages. Religious Education and Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) are also part of our curriculum.


As a school, we strive to create themes (topics) that promote children's interests and allows them to learn about the world around them. We develop their skills within different subject areas through a shared context.


Our curriculum;

  • is ambitious and designed to give all children the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life
  • has high expectations for all children, including those with special needs and disabilities
  • ensures that children study a broad and balanced curriculum by teaching a range of subjects
  • is coherently planned and sequenced so children can embed and use their knowledge and skills fluency
  • extends beyond academic to provide opportunities for every child to develop and discover their character, interests and talents
  • is closely linked to the school's core values
  • encourages children to value the Woodhouse community
  • prepares children for life in modern Britain, developing their understanding of fundamental British values and equipping them to be responsible, respectful citizens


Our curriculum documents outline the topics undertaken by different year groups during different times of the academic year. We develop children's independence and resourcefulness so they can apply skills in one subject area to overcome challenges and achieve in another.


Throughout everything we do, we also have a rigorous approach to progress. The objectives set out in the National Curriculum have been appropriately allocated to different year groups making sure that a child develops through their time at Woodhouse West, they are continually developing new skills; whilst having the opportunity to consolidate things they have already learnt. We ensure children are able to share their understanding and successes in a variety of ways such as Green card assemblies, class assemblies for parents and opportunities to showcase their learning in the wider community.


The Department for Education guidance about the school curriculum can be found at