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Our Vision

SSET Multi Academy Trust Vision


When SSET was formed, we agreed, on a binding and lasting basis, to work together as a highly effective collaborative.


Our vision is, through a holistic approach, to enhance learning and lifelong outcomes for all children in our schools. We are stronger together, working together for the benefit of all children and for the achievement of all children and their families. We support and engender the ambition to raise the aspirations of all children and of all families. This is evident in everything that we do.


We will bring an absolute focus on securing better outcomes within the Trust through a creative and engaging curriculum. As one Trust will create high quality provision and seek to ensure that we are innovative in engaging those who work with us. SSET play an active and leading role in the Sheffield South East Learning Partnership (SSELP) of which its founding schools are all active participants and members.


We will develop and embed further parental partnerships and early intervention, creating an involvement in the child’s development at the earliest opportunity.


As one Trust we will take collective responsibility and are accountable to ensure that all children are ready for the next stage of their life, at each transition throughout their childhood.


We will monitor and review our work to identify gaps. We will work tirelessly to fill these gaps and to improve, as part of the Trust’s intervention and support programme.


We are outward facing, seeking new ideas and experiences that will benefit our children. We are a Trust that is at the forefront of advances in technology in learning, and we are innovative and imaginative to ensure that our creative curriculum develops the whole child, recognising special talents whether that be in sports, music or in the arts.


We have developed an associate membership scheme to ensure the Trust is not insular and that best practice and approaches can be exchanged, broadening the base and reach of the Trust.


As a Trust we will secure high quality teaching and will be innovative in recruiting all positions with high quality professionals. In so doing we will improve recruitment and deployment of staff. We have agreed common approaches which are applied within a common framework. We provide world class professional opportunities for our staff. We use the ability to pool and share resources to broker the best educational support that is available for our children and families.