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General Information



In our Reception classroom we have two class teachers, Mrs Barker and Mrs O’Brien.

Mrs Dearden is our HLTA (all day Mon, Wed, Thur & Fri and Tuesday morning)

Mrs Parkin, teaching assistant (Wed-Fri)

Mrs Barnes, teaching assistant (Mon-Wed)

Mrs Wiberg joins us on a Tuesday afternoon  


PE: Our PE day is Friday.  Please ensure your child has their PE Kit in school.



Please support your child by reading to them as often as possible. Practicing writing their name and ensuring that children can form their letters.


Each week, children will be sent home an activity to be completed in their home learning book. This will be a range of activities relating to their current topic, reading, phonics or maths that parents can complete with their children. Please do share photographs of your children carrying out the tasks by e-mailing them to

Topics covered:

Spring 2 – How tall can you grow?


Our theme this half term will focus on the life-cycle of a plant and how plants/fruit/vegetables can contribute to us having a healthy and balanced diet. We will start our theme observing and planting seeds, investigating what seeds need to grow and how the environment can affect the growth of plants. We will be using our observation skills to monitor and record the growth of seeds and use class discussions to introduce new vocabulary as the children learn to recognise the different parts of a flower and talk about changes in growth. The children will also become scientists as we will be carrying out experiments to observe the change of plants over time.


Throughout our theme there will be many opportunities for the children to develop their mathematical skills as they will use different methods to measure height, weight and size, count petals and seeds and make comparisons between the different plants that we will be growing- what plants grow in the ground/ above the ground/ in trees?. We will also be introducing 2D shapes into our theme as the children use shape to create representations of plants and flowers.


We will make links to the local community, walking around our own extensive grounds to look at plant growth in the natural environment, as well as providing opportunities for children to share their experiences about their own gardens or visits to the local garden centre.

Books to enjoy at home!


Spring 2


The Tiny Seed

When the tiny seed is blown away from its parent plant, it travels a very long way - over seas, deserts and mountains. The tiny seed survives the hazards of the journey and finally falls onto fertile earth. It grows and grows, becoming the tallest, biggest flower for miles around. Then one day the wind blows and thousands of the flower's seeds begin their own journeys.


Jasper's bean stalk

Jasper plants a bean. He waits for it to grow into a beanstalk all week. How long will he have to wait before he can start looking for giants?



Oliver's Vegetables

Do you like chips? Oliver does. In fact, he won't eat anything else - until he plays a game with his grandpa. Whatever vegetable Oliver finds in the garden, he must eat. On Monday, he pulls up carrots, on Tuesday, it is spinach . . .


The Enormous Turnip

Based on the traditional fairy tale The Enormous Turnip, this vibrantly illustrated story is sure to become a favourite in every home. Find out what happens when a very, very large turnip doesn't want to be pulled out of the ground!