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Woodhouse Wonder

Woodhouse Wonder!


This year, every member of staff at Woodhouse West been given a special golden ticket! Staff can award their golden ticket to any child at any point in the school year.


The Woodhouse Wonder award celebrates children who have gone above and beyond in any area of the curriculum. Children are presented with a very special certificate in Green Card Assembly by the member of staff who selected them for the award.


As a reward for all of their hard work, children who become a “Woodhouse Wonder” will get to go on a special trip during school time.


Here are the children who have received a Golden Ticket so far. Well done for all of your hard work. We are extremely proud of you!

Autumn 1

Alfie Y5MP- chosen by Mrs Rimmer

Since the beginning of the school year, I have noticed Alfie stand out in EVERY SINGLE assembly. I have been able to pick him out as a model pupil at Woodhouse West- showing the upmost respect to every adult. Because he has been such a good example, I have noticed Alfie’s peers following in his footsteps. Thank you Alfie and please keep it up!

Autumn 2

Katelyn Y6BS- chosen by Miss Hill

I spoke to Katelyn one lunch time with a group of younger children in the corridor. She was on her knees kindly zipping up all the younger children’s coats. No-one had asked her to help them but she chose to show kindness and care, even when she didn’t think anyone was watching. I felt such a proud teacher at the moment to realise how lovely the children in our school can be. Being kind is what we should all aim to be best at.

Omar Y5CP- chosen by Mr Rimmer

I chose Omar because of his infectious enthusiasm towards everything he does in school. He is very new to us and has experienced a lot of change recently- this is his first English School. He has already represented us in a maths competition and is a super addition to Woodhouse West. Well done Omar!

Mollie RHB- chosen by Miss Barber

I chose Mollie to get my golden ticket because when I see her around school she is always so respectful and opens doors for adults and other pupils.She even does this when she is waiting for her siblings at after school clubs

Charlie Y6ST- chosen by Mrs Flint

Part of my role in school is to cover different classes. Every time I am in Year 6, Charlie ALWAYS displays exceptional manners. Charlie takes also takes on extra responsibilities in school as he is a sports leader and carries these duties out brilliantly. He is such a lovely boy and is credit to Woodhouse West Primary School.