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Year 3

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Message from Mrs Akthar

Hello, I’m Mrs Akthar and I work in Year 3. I like to paint and be creative. I am looking forward to seeing your art and crafts skills as you get the opportunity to make lots of masterpieces. Outside of school, I love to go out for meals, take long walks in the park and go on holiday. I can't wait to share my experiences with you! My dream holiday would be in the Bahamas because it's nice and relaxing. I enjoy supporting children in year 3 because you are all so enthusiastic and are keen on taking on new tasks and challenges. 


Message from Mrs Johnson

Hello, my name is Miss Johnson and I work in Y3. I am really looking forward to meeting you all and hearing about yourselves and what you like doing. If you need any help with anything I'll be there every day to help you. I like singing and work alongside Miss Kirkham with the school choir. Outside of school, I like to go on holiday to North Yorkshire where I can go on long walks with my family.