Star Learners of the Term

(with good attendance)

                           Miss Kendra Harry Dolan

Mrs Banks/Mrs Murphy

Grace Clarke
Mrs Hope Theo Nuttall
Miss Rudge Katelyn Keeton-Hodson
Mrs Barker Lola Lingard-Talbot
Miss Kirkham Eliona Halidini
Miss Petre Mitchell Fitton
Mr Lian Luna Dolan
Miss Brown Faith Carr
Miss Wood Jessica Ibbotson
Miss Gates Lilysue Hooper
Mr Lynn Laila Burgar
Mrs Cook/Mrs Marshall       Hannah Nuttall
Mr Rimmer Elliott Howe

This years Children In Need fund raiser was the best ever bringing in massive total of


The children and staff were kindly sponsored by family and friends to wear either a onesie or come to school dressed as a superhero. The cake competition brought in floods of entries and The School Council worked hard tasting all the delicious masterpieces before deciding on the winners.









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