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Additional Information

Additional Information



We ask that children wear school uniform and that jumpers and cardigans are named.



- Black/grey trousers or shorts,

- Polo shirt with logo, school jumper,          

- Black shoes









- Grey skirt or pinafore dress/ red gingham dress in the warmer months

- Black/grey trousers

- Polo shirt with logo, school jumper or cardigan

- Black shoes



Children need to bring a pair of named wellingtons to be kept at school for outdoor play. In the cold weather children will still have the opportunity to learn outside and need to wear warm coats/gloves/hats etc which need to be named.


Winter clothing:

Now that the weather is changing could children please come dressed to nursery appropriately as we will be going out to play each day. All coats, hats, scarves and gloves must be named. It would help us if you could work with your child to put on their own coats and hat etc. 


Help Create a Healthy Lifestyle



If prescribed medicine/cream or eye drops are required to be taken during school hours, it must be handed in to the office and a form completed for a first aider to administer.


Children who need to use a prescribed asthma inhaler at school need to have the inhaler clearly named, with the correct dosage written on the box.



On the initial home visit you will be able to share information with staff about any intolerances or allergies your child has. A form has to be completed by the parent/carer and given back to school before your child starts nursery or school.


Healthy lunch box ideas

Woodhouse West Primary School promotes healthy eating. Staff have worked with parents to create healthier snack and lunch options. Due to allergies throughout the school we ask that no nuts please)


Some of these ideas are;

  • wholemeal pittas, wraps or rice cakes 
  • fresh or dried fruit (please cut grapes and cherry tomatoes in half)
  • vegetable sticks
  • soreen or wholegrain bar snacks
  • Plenty of water to drink.


For healthy lunch box ideas- click here


Water bottles

Children may bring their own named water bottle (water only) to nursery; there is also a jug of fresh water available for children to pour themselves a drink.