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Cognition & Learning

Cognition & learning


General Learning Difficulties

General learning difficulties may show themselves in the following ways: low levels of attainment in every subject, difficulty in developing skills (mostly in literacy and numeracy) and difficulty in dealing with abstract ideas. There are some difficulties associated with these including speech and language and social and emotional development.



Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that affects the skills involved when reading and spelling words. Children may struggle to use the correct sounds in words, have poor memory or are slow to process their thoughts. Dyslexia can occur in anyone no matter what their intellectual ability is.

The following website provides some excellent information if you child has dyslexia or if you have any



Dyscalculia is a condition in which the person struggles to develop maths skills. Dyscalculia learners may find it hard to understand basic number concepts or have problems learning number facts and methods. Even if they produce a correct answer or use a correct method, they may do so mechanically and without confidence.


What do we do at Woodhouse West to support these children?


Meet Alison Burbeary!

As a school, we buy into a package of Learning Support and through this we work closely with Alison (a learning mentor) to assess, monitor and plan strategies for children with cognition and learning needs. 



The main interventions with a focus on cognition and learning are:

  • 1st Class @ Number
  • IDL Cloud 
  • Units of Sound
  • Reading Inference Intervention
  • Mastery Maths Boosters
  • Phonics Boosters