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Year 2

Welcome to Y2!


General Information


Staff: The class teachers this year are Mrs BarkerMiss Hill (Mon/Tue all day, Wed am) and Miss Herrington (Wed pm and Thurs/Fri all day)


Helping to assist in our classroom will be Mrs Smith, Miss Podloga (Monday. Tuesday & Wednesday) and Miss Falconer (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)



Our PPA is on a Wednesday afternoon. During this time children will be taught by Miss Podloga and Miss Herrington who will deliver PE & Music.



Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday.

Children will come to school dressed in their PE kit. They do not need to bring school uniform to change into. All PE sessions will take place outside unless there are extreme weather conditions i.e. ice, snow or heavy rain. Please ensure they have the appropriate kit e.g. jogging bottoms/leggings and a jumper/hoodie)


Home learning menus are given out at the start of every half term highlighting activities and projects the children can complete based on their current topic. Children can choose from a home work menu and for each task completed they earn a dojo points towards their class reward.

Topics covered:


Spring 1- SOS Titanic


This half term we will be journeying through the Atlantic Ocean on the Titanic's maiden voyage.

As a year group we will be analysing sources to determine why historians find them so useful. Taking a closer look at why the Titanic sank, we will be evaluating the structure and events which led up to the ocean liner sinking.

We will be looking at eye witness accounts to immerse ourselves into the lives of the passengers and creating arguments as to what could have been done to save more lives.

Books to enjoy at home!


Spring 1


Magic Treehouse- Tonight on the Titanic by Mary Pope Osborne

Titanic trouble! Jack and Annie are in for an exciting, scary, and sad adventure when the Magic Tree House whisks them back to the decks of the Titanic. Is there anything they can do to help the ill-fated ship? Will they be able to save anyone? Will they be able to save themselves?





The Story of Titanic for children by Joe Fullman

Explore the beautiful sundecks, marvel at the luxurious design and relive the tragic sinking of the world's most famous ship with The Story of the Titanic for Children. Over one hundred years on, the captivating story of the Titanic has lost none of its appeal. This stunning book explores real-life stories and little known facts that will absorb young readers. Beautiful images and bite-sized information bring the Titanic to life, from its construction to the victims and survivors after its tragic sinking. Filled with amazing facts and details giving insights into the "unsinkable" ship, The Story of the Titanic for Children will satisfy even the most curious minds.


Polar the Titanic Bear by Daisy Corning Stone Spedden

Tells the adventures of a boy called Douglas, told through the eyes of his white teddy bear, Polar. His family book a passage to America on board the Titanic, and the story reaches its climax on the night it sank, when the family escape from the stricken vessel.



Voices of the Titanic by Mary Montero

Voices of the Titanic is a standout among Titanic books for kids that will give you insights into the disaster like never before. Take a new look at the sinking of the RMS Titanic through the eyes of the heroes and the cowards, the wealthy and the poor, the survivors and those who went down with the ship.