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Woodhouse West Primary School is a happy and caring school where expectations of behaviour are high. We provide a safe and positive learning environment within which we seek to develop a mutually supportive culture where children can understand and express their feelings and respect those of others. We aim to build a community based on partnership with parents, children, staff, governors and the wider community.


In providing a safe environment for children, the school does not tolerate any form of bullying behaviour, including repeated acts of aggression and/or discrimination. All acts of bullying are taken seriously and will be dealt with in accordance with our Relationship and Behaviour policy.

What is Bullying?

Woodhouse West's definition is:


'Bullying is constant and repeated actions which upset of hurt someone else of purpose. It can happen face to face or online.'


Bullying can take different forms and it is important that we know these:
Physical - touching somebody in an unkind way for example, punching, kicking
Emotional - hurting other peoples feelings and leaving someone out on purpose.
Racial - calling somebody names because of the colour of their skin.
Cyber - saying unkind things by instant messages, social media and texts.
Verbal - being teased or called names you do not like.

How is alleged bullying dealt with?

At Woodhouse West Primary School we work towards a bully-free school through:-

  • Promptly recording, reporting and dealing with any incidents of alleged bullying - including keeping school staff and parents/carers informed;

  • Showing the school's Golden Rule: Respect ourselves, Respect each other, Respect the environment;

  • Regular assemblies- including anti-bullying week to teach each of us about what bullying is and how we can work together to stop it;

  • Our ASPIRE system
  • Putting in place educational and/or protective consequences so children learn about kindness and feel safe to be in school during PSHE sessions

Nursery- We have kind hands

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Year 1- Who can we talk to?

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