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Alphablocks- Living letters who appear in wonderful videos to help your children learn about phonics and develop their reading skills.


KidsTV123- has a large playlist of phonics videos that children can watch.


Fairy Tales and Stories for Kids- has lots of animated stories to enjoy. Can your children retell the story to you after they have watched one of the videos?


BBC Teach- has a playlist of English Videos to teach your children about punctuation and stories. It includes ideas for writing, songs and more.


CBeebies- have a playlist of their Bedtime stories, in which people read popular children's books. Why not record your own version on a mobile device?


Scholastic- watch a collection of book trailers from Scholastic. Could you make a trailer for one of your favourite books?



Numberblocks- has lots of great videos to help younger children learn about numbers, addition and subtraction.


Numberjacks- are a group of superhero numbers who appear in educational videos that cover thinking skills, problem solving and Maths.


The Singing Walrus- has lots of songs to teach children about numbers and counting.


Hopscotch- has songs to help your children counting.


Mr DeMaio- creates fantastic educational videos, including this playlist of songs to help your children learn their multiplication tables.


Laugh Along & Learn- a collection of songs that your children can sing!


Happy Learning English- has some time tables songs, as well as videos about shapes and measurements.


Maths and Learning Videos 4 Kids- have a wide range of videos about different Maths topics.


BBC Teach- explores how maths is used in different areas of life and work. It also includes videos about number, measure & shape concepts.



Happy Learning English- has a large collection of videos about humans, animals and plants.


National Geographic Kids- with this playlist, learn about amazing animals.


Hopscotch- this playlist has songs about the habitats, the continents, oceans and planets.


Operation Ouch- view educational videos about the human body.


Homeschool Pop- has put together a collection of videos that cover a wide range of Science topics.


SciShow Kids- has a wide range of Science videos that answer different questions about the world.


Science Max- carries out huge science experiments. Could your children try similar experiments, but on a smaller scale at home?



National Geographic Kids- learn about the continents around the world.


BBC Teach (Primary Geography)-  has a playlist that can help your primary children to learn about different geographical concepts.


Kids Learning Tube- is full of videos to teach your children about countries around the world.



Horrible Histories- has some funny videos and entertaining songs that children can use to learn about different periods from history. 


Happy Learning English (History)- has some animated history videos.


Clarendon Learning- has a large playlist of history videos for children.



Art for Kids Hub- has an enormous range of 'How to draw' videos and art/crafts ideas.

5-minute Crafts Play- share craft ideas, experiments and tricks that you can try together.


Disney Junior (Art Attack)- playlist of art activities.


Easy Kids Craft- has lots of enjoyable craft activities that you can complete.


Free School- has a playlist of videos that can teach your children about famous artists from history.



RelaxDaily- has an extensive collection of calming music that your children can play as part of mindfulness activities, or when they are working on other educational tasks.


Kidz Bop- produce child-friendly versions of popular songs. Can your children learn some lyrics or dance along with the moves shown in the videos?


Classical Kids Storytime- features children's stories that are accompanied by classical music.


Free School- playlists to teach your children about Beethoven and Mozart.



Little Sports- has videos featuring a variety of exercises to help your children stay active at home.


Cosmic Kids Yoga- try different yoga and mindfulness activities with these videos.


Footy Pups- shares videos to get younger children interested in exercise and to learn different football skills.



The Learning Station- playlist of songs to use as a brain breaks when your children need a refresh and recharge before they continue their learning.


Messy Hands (Kids Cooking)- has a selection of easy recipes and cooking videos to try with your children.


CBBC- discuss what is happening around the world by watching CBBC's Newsround Programme.