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Social, Emotional & Mental Health Difficulties

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties


Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties is a term used for children and young people who show difficulties in managing their emotions, social interaction or mental health. These difficulties may be displayed through them becoming withdrawn or isolated, as well as through challenging behaviour.


For some children difficulties in their emotional and social development can mean that they need additional and different provision in their school in order to achieve.  It is important that they are able to form and maintain healthy relationships and fully engage in the learning opportunities provided


What do we do at Woodhouse West to support these children?


Meet our inclusion team!

Our inclusion team is made up of Jennifer Bulloss (SENCo and Safeguarding Lead), Joshua Spencer (Learning Mentor), Danika Brown (Assistant Learning Mentor) and Kirsty McHale (Safeguarding Liaision Officer) . Together they deliver support and intervention to children and work closely with parents to develop the child as a whole person.



Here are some of the interventions provided over the course of the year, dependant on need: 

  • Bereavement and Loss
  • Self-Esteem Programme
  • Stay Safe Programme
  • British Citizenship Programme