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Year 4

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General Information



Teachers: Mr Briggs and Miss Paterson

Teaching Assistants: Miss Johnson and Miss Jones



Children will come to school dressed in their uniform and will bring their PE kit in a labelled bag.


Some PE sessions will take place outside unless there are extreme weather conditions i.e. ice, snow or heavy rain.


Please ensure they have the appropriate kit e.g. jogging bottoms/leggings and a jumper/hoodie.


Home learning menus are given out at the start of every half term highlighting activities and projects the children can complete based on their current topic.


Each half term, children will be encouraged to complete homework from a 'homework menu' from their class teacher. This will be a range of activities relating to their current topic that parents can complete with their children.


Please do share photographs of your children carrying out the tasks by sharing them with the year group's Twitter page. 

Topics covered:

Spring 2

Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus!


In our new topic, Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus!  We are going to explore the Roman Empire and investigate why they visited Britain. We will also delve into the Roman’s religious beliefs and some of the Roman’s key achievements. Finally, we will identify the multicultural impact the Roman Empire has had on our country today.


In Science we will carry out a range of experiments to discover how sound is made, focusing on the pitch, volume and vibrations. Our work in D.T will be to research and then build a Roman catapult. In French we will learn how to say body parts and clothing items in sentences. In RE we will discover inspiring leaders who set up religions and what we can learn about them.

We cannot wait to start our new topic!

Books to enjoy at home!


Spring 2


Roman Invasion by Jim Eldridge 

It's AD 84 when Bran, a prince of the Carvetii tribe, is captured by the Romans in My Story: Roman Invasion.

'He is not a child!' said my mother defiantly. 'Bran is a prince, raised to be a warrior like his father!'

A legion of soldiers is marching east, to build a military road. It's hostile country, and Bran is to go with them as a hostage to ensure the legion's safety … but no one is safe in newly conquered Britain.


Ruthless Romans by Terry Deary

Readers can discover all the foul facts about the Ruthless Romans, including:

  • which emperor enjoyed eating camel's heels,
  • who were the terrible twins who founded Rome
  • and which evil emperors made murder a sport.





What the Romans did for us by Alison Hawes 

This child-friendly guide to the Romans and their impact on life in Britain covers everything from language to food and from roads to toilets! Complete with colour photographs showing Roman artefacts and a helpful glossary, index, and links to further information, this accessible book is perfect for children learning about the Romans for the first time.




Empire's End - A Roman Story by Leila Rasheed

When, Camilla, a young North African girl travels with her mother and father from Leptis Magna to Rome in 207 AD, she believes that she is going to the centre of the world. But just a few months later, the little family is dispatched to the very edge of it: Britannica. Tragedy strikes and, left alone with the Empress while her father travels north, Camilla has to navigate the tricky world of of secrets and danger in this cold place she must now call home.