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General Information


Staff: The class teachers this half term are Mr HartleyMr Rimmer (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning) and Miss Robinson (Thursday and Friday).


PPA: Our PPA is on a Wednesday afternoon. During this time children will be taught by Mrs Little who delivers Computing and Mrs Marshall who will deliver Science.

Helping to assist in our classroom will be Mrs Hill (HLTA) and Miss Hawkins.


P.E: Our PE days are Monday (outdoor) and Thursday (indoor.) Please ensure that PE kits are brought in on Monday and remain in school for the whole week as P.E. days may change depending on the weather.

 Although we try to make sure kit goes home with the right child, this is sometimes a struggle and misplaced kit can be located in the Y4 cloakroom.



Home learning menus are available on the website every half term highlighting activities and projects the children can complete based on their current topic. 

New spellings will be sent home on a Friday and children will be tested on these the following Friday.


Children can choose from a homework menu and for each task completed they earn a dojo point or even a Green Card! Please do share photographs of your children carrying out the tasks by e-mailing them to 

Home Learning Menus

Topics covered:


Spring 1: Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus


This term the children will become historians and discover what life was back in the time of Ancient Rome. They will use a variety of different sources to research and evaluate information before making conclusions based on what they have found. The topic will involve a visit to Clifton Park, Rotherham where the children will enhance their knowledge of Romans as well as learning about life as a museum employee. The children will then use this to create their own museum in Woodhouse Village for parents and members of the public to come and enjoy.  

Books to enjoy at home!


Spring 1:


Roman Soliders' Handbook

Offers an introduction to Roman history. This survival guide for studious centurions is about how to stay alive in the Roman army. It reveals all the gruesome truths of life in the Roman army including what soldiers ate, wore and how they lived.


What the Romans did for us

An engaging introduction to the Romans and their impact on Britain, complete with colour photographs and a glossary.



Horrible Histories; The Rotten Romans

Go back into the really rotten times of the Romans, where there were beastly battles, deadly doctors and marvellous myths. Discover what Roman soldiers wore under their kilts, how ancient Britons got their hair nice and how Romans told the future with dead chickens. With a bold, accessible new look, these bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans. Revised by the author to make Horrible Histories more accessible to young readers.


Romans Rampage; Jail Break!

Perilus and his family are in trouble again! His dad has been arrested for stealing money from the Imperial Mint. Can Croakbag the talking raven save the day once more?