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Woodhouse West is proud to be in partnership with Magic Breakfast, providing healthy breakfasts to our pupils so that they are settled and ready to learn.


Magic Breakfast provides Woodhouse West with nutritious breakfast food to ensure children start their school day in the best possible way. Breakfast gives children the energy needed for the busy school morning, enabling them to focus on their lessons.


Here at Woodhouse West We want every child to start the day feeling ready to learn and a fundamental element of this is a healthy, filling breakfast.


Woodhouse West's Magic Breakfast Offer


Classroom Bagels

Brief Description: Every child will have the option to have a toasted plain or buttered bagel and a cup of fresh water

Venue: Classrooms

Time: 8:30am-8:50am

Frequency: Monday-Friday


The bagel may be substituted for a Best of Both Giant Crumpet or a slice of Warburtons half and half bread depending on availability. 


Any child that isn’t hungry or doesn’t want a bagel that day can politely decline.


This offer is completely free of charge to ALL children.


Below is nutritional information for the bagels, crumpets and bread.








To find out more about Magic Breakfast, please click on the logo which will link you to their website.








Twitter: @magic_breakfast
Facebook: @magicbreakfastuk
Instagram: @magicbreky #FuelforLearning
Policy Campaign: #NoChildTooHungryToLearn

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