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Year 3

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General Information



Teachers: Mr Winter and Mr Wood

Teaching Assistants: Miss Falconer and Mrs Ledger



Children will come to school dressed in their uniform and will bring their PE kit in a labelled bag.


Some PE sessions will take place outside unless there are extreme weather conditions i.e. ice, snow or heavy rain.


Please ensure they have the appropriate kit e.g. jogging bottoms/leggings and a jumper/hoodie.


Home learning menus are given out at the start of every half term highlighting activities and projects the children can complete based on their current topic.


Each half term, children will be encouraged to complete homework from a 'homework menu' from their class teacher. This will be a range of activities relating to their current topic that parents can complete with their children.


Please do share photographs of your children carrying out the tasks by sharing them with the year group's Twitter page. 

Topic covered:

Spring 2:

Walk like an Egyptian!


In our history lessons we will be learning how to use primary and secondary sources to find out about the past, investigating the main achievements of Ancient Egypt, and exploring the religious and societal structures of the time. In science we will be learning about forces, focusing on friction and magnetism. Our Maths topic will be measure, perimeter, and fractions. Our writing focus will be writing to persuade, and we will be publishing a travel brochure encouraging our readers to visit Egypt. In D&T we are going to be food scientists, making traditional Egyptian cuisine, we will be learning to use different kitchen utensils skilfully to prepare food effectively.

Books to enjoy at home!


Spring 2


DKfindout! Ancient Egypt by DK 

Travel back in time to learn all about the pharaohs of Egypt, decode Egyptian hieroglyphs, and see how the Great Pyramid of Giza was built. See if you can survive the game of childhood, take a tour of an Egyptian home, and find out how a mummy was made.





Awesome Egyptians (Horrible Histories) by Terry Deary 

Step back to an awesomely ancient time with the Awesome Egyptians, as featured on BBC Bitesize.

Discover . . .

  • which king had the worst blackheads
  • why some kings had to wear false beards
  • and why the peasants were revolting.

History with the nasty bits left in!


A Mummy Ate My Homework by Thiago de Moraes 

A peril-packed, crocodile-crammed, fun-filled adventure through ancient Egypt!

Being whisked back to 1300 BC certainly wasn't on Henry's to-do list.

Can he make his way through a new school, odd sports, unexpected friends and deadly pets, Egyptian style?

And will he ever find his way back to the present day?