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Through evidence-based research, it has been determined that rewards can often have the same detrimental psychological effect on children as punishments or consequences. At Woodhouse West, we have therefore built a system that involves a team approach, developing an intrinsic motivation to behave, through teaching the children how to behave rather than conditioning their behaviour. 


Whole Class Rewards


Each class will have their own, in class system for general behaviour in school where the class are rewarded for everyday actions that we expect the children to do all the time e.g. being ready to learn; sitting smartly in assembly; holding doors open for people; tidying the classroom etc.


If a class achieves 75 points by the end of the week they will earn a small reward on a Friday afternoon.


Class Dojo

Class Dojo will be restarted and used to represent the six ASPIRE awards and will replace Green Cards. In order for a child to get a Dojo point, they must go above and beyond over a period of time as what is generally expected of them and this will be recorded by the teacher or T.A.


When a child receives a Dojo point, they will receive a sticker which identifies what they have accomplished e.g. I am proud that I have/have been…today. Ask me why.



As a school, we still feel it is important to recognise an individual child whose behaviour is always exemplary so if an individual child earns 15 Dojo Points in a particular ASPIRE area, they will receive that area’s ASPIRE badge.


Year Group ASPIRE Badges

In order to achieve a year group ASPIRE shield, a year group must collect 100 stickers in a specific ASPIRE area at any point over the course of two years e.g. Foundation Stage (Nursery/Reception), Key Stage One (Y1/Y2), Lower Key Stage Two (Y3/Y4) and Upper Key Stage Two (Y5/Y6).


Year groups will work towards developing skills in each ASPIRE areas and developed one over their time in school. These skills are are highlighted below;






An ASPIRE Year Group shield can be given at any point of the year. These will be awarded by a member of SLT who will visit the year group. In order for the year group to receive their shield, the majority of children should be able to talk in detail about what that area means with examples of what they have done at their level


When a year group receives an ASPIRE shield, they will earn a year group award from one of the following choices;

  1. Non-uniform day
  2. Film afternoon
  3. Craft afternoon
  4. Sporting activity afternoon
  5. An afternoon in Shirebrook Valley
  6. Board games afternoon


When a year group is awarded all six ASPIRE shields at the end of the Key Stage, they earn a special afternoon treat.