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At Woodhouse West, children’s success is celebrated through our Aspire awards.

Green cards can be given to children for any of the positive behaviours or achievements which we notice daily. They should, however, be for something over and above the minimum expectations set for behaviours in school.

When a child displays outstanding performance in one of the following categories, they are awarded a green a card in that area.



Making above expected progress by the end of the year, completing work accurately and to a high standard, out of school achievements in clubs.


Welcoming new children to school, encouraging others to play positively at playtimes and lunchtimes, showing kindness to others, helping children/adults in school.


98% attendance, returning reply slips on time, remembering PE kit regularly, being at school on time.


Working well with others as part of a team, assisting others with their work, finding a partner and collaborating successfully.


Demonstrating excellent behaviour, listening attentively in class, sitting well and listening in assembly, moving thorough school sensibly, playing positively with others, showing politeness and good manners.


Always trying their best, working hard and being resilient, completing work in the timeframes given, answering questions and being an active learner.


When a child receives 20 green cards in one category they will be awarded one of our special ASPIRE badges. This is a brilliant achievement and is celebrated in our Green Card Assembly at the end of each half term.  


A goal for all of our children is that they will leave Woodhouse West in Year 6 having achieved all six ASPIRE awards.

Jessica has been awarded her Achievement, Endeavour and Participation badges.