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School Values and Ethos

Woodhouse West Primary School – A vision for the future.


“Aspiring to be awesome. Making every day build to a brighter tomorrow.”



At Woodhouse West we believe that every child deserves to have the best chance at life. Through hard work and diligence we aim to provide as many opportunities as possible, for the children in our care to experience the world around them, and to develop themselves as people. By seeing the potential in every child; be it academic, sporting or artistic, we endeavour to instil in all children a sense of self-worth and confidence which will help them to form their own opinions and understand those of others in order to become adults who can thrive and make positive contributions to their community.



In our school, good learning is about a positive state of mind and a fascination with what is new and unknown, it is not just about the percentages of children reaching a target. All children have the capacity to be something wonderful but for some life's challenges make this journey difficult. Our aim is to really know our children and understand their motivations and anxieties in order to help them to view the world as a place in which they can be seen and are important. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development underpins all our work and anchors learning, which is planned to be purposeful and meaningful by being set in real contexts. In this way children develop maturity and become empathic whilst enlarging their aspirations for adulthood. Building children's confidence from within enables them to take risks and face obstacles with greater resilience and so our teaching centres around not only furnishing children with their key literacy and numeracy skills but also with the characteristics which enable life-long learning. Our lessons are a combination of investigation, discussion and co-operation which come together to create an atmosphere in which essential characteristics can be nurtured.


We are committed to developing children who are ready for life after primary school. Our Golden threads support children to become: Emotionally Aware and Articulate, Knowledgeable about the World, Curious and Questioning, Self-motivated and Determined and Healthy and Physically ActiveWe firmly believe that these key skills and qualities will allow all our pupils to leave Woodhouse West as well rounded individuals, ready for the next stage of their life.


Physical and mental well-being are valued, understood and prioritised by all staff in order to plan and deliver a balanced curriculum which gives equal importance to all subjects and is designed to allow every child to feel a sense of accomplishment.


In order to provide all of the above, adults in school are encouraged to continually broaden their own experiences and understanding. Everyone at Woodhouse West is a learner and staff leading by example helps children to see that making mistakes, moving out of your comfort zone and looking to others for support are all fundamental aspects of growing as a person.


Parents are our greatest partners and wherever possible, we ask families to be involved with their children’s learning. We welcome parent input and plan regular opportunities for children to share their learning and take pride in their achievements.