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Speech and Language Delay or Disorders

Speech and language disorders refer to problems communicating or difficulties with using muscles in and around the mouth. These delays and disorders range from using a different or incorrect sound or finding it hard to understand others’ use of language.


Autistic Spectrum Disorder                                                                                             

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a life-long disorder that affects the way a person is able to communicate and socialise. Some people with ASD will also have learning disabilities. There are some people with ASD who have an average or above-average intelligence. Included in this group are those with Asperger’s Syndrome (or high-functioning autism). Some people with ASD may struggle to use words correctly or understand them. They often have difficulties with social skills, show a narrow range of interests or difficulty using their imagination.


What do we do at Woodhouse West to support these children?

We work with the Autism Team to employ strategies suggested in classrooms to support children with ASD. 



We run lots of speech and language interventions here at Woodhouse West. The main interventions are:

  • Vocabulary Improvement Programme (VIP)
  • Narrative Intervention Programme (NIP)
  • Leap
  • Timmy Time