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Important Information

Important Information

This page will be used to inform parents/carers about any significant changes to the school i.e closures due to adverse weather or upcoming whole school or class events.

Please keep checking back as this will be regularly updated.

21st September 2021 2.30pm


Everyone at Woodhouse West Primary School is shocked and saddened by recent devastating events. John Paul Bennett, Lacey Bennett and Connie Gent are all former pupils of the school, Connie and Lacey very recently joining Outwood Academy City.


Lacey and Connie, both new to Y7 will have been excited by moving on in the next phase of their education. Their potential, hopes and dreams have now been cut tragically short.


Lacey is remembered by her teachers as a kind and helpful girl with a wonderful imagination, who loved to dance. Her smile brightened everyone’s day.


Connie was a gentle girl who cherished her friends and enjoyed writing creative stories. She was generous of spirit and had a big heart.


John Paul was a member of the school several years ago and staff remember an enthusiastic, popular boy who enjoyed sports and entertained everyone with his fabulous sense of humour.


Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of all the children and Terri Harris who lost her life alongside her son and daughter. As a school and a community this has come as a crushing blow and it will take time for everyone to come to terms with this loss. We are also mindful of colleagues and pupils at Outwood Academy City who have been as equally affected and appreciate their support.


Woodhouse West Primary closed on 20th September after receiving reports of the serious incident. The coming days ahead will be challenging. We are working together with partners including the Police, Sheffield City Council, the local Church and from within Sheffield South East Trust to provide support to staff, pupils and the community. We are grateful for their help.

It was a privilege to have known Lacey, John Paul and Connie all of whom were special in their own way and left their fingerprints on our hearts.


Anne-Marie Bailey (Headteacher)

20th September 2021 10.30am


It is with great sadness that our school will be closed today, as we informed you in our earlier text message.  A tragic incident has taken place over the weekend involving 3 pupils who have recently attended Woodhouse West Primary.  Our thoughts are with all those affected by this devastating news, especially the families of these children. 


We are unable to give more information at this time.


In the coming days we will attempt to come to terms with this news as a school and community.

When school opens tomorrow there will be support available for children, families and staff, as needed. As always, we know the Woodhouse West School community will support each other through difficult times.


Anne-Marie Bailey


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