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As soon as our children start in our Nursery they are exposed to listening and speaking opportunities which will form the foundations of learning to read and write. The more you talk with your child and encourage good listening and speaking skills the more likely they will flourish when asked to learn the sounds we use to read and write.


We are currently using 'Letters and Sounds' and ‘Phonics Play’ to teach phonic skills to our Early Years and Key Stage 1 children. To support with reading, our early reading books use a phonics based approach. Phonic patterns are used for spelling lists and are further developed through handwriting practice. In Key Stage 2, those children who require further phonic support take part in small booster groups delivered by our trained teaching assistants.


Here are the phonic phases we use in our school:


Please use the link below to be taken to our Phonics page where you can find more information and useful resources to use with your child at home.