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General Information

Staff: The class teachers this year are Mr Shackshaft and Miss Peterson and the teaching assistant is Mrs Little and Mr Ashraf


PPA: Our PPA is on a Friday and the children will be taught by Mrs Little.


PE: Our PE days are on Thursday and Friday.

Children will come to school dressed in their PE kit. They do not need to bring school uniform to change into. All PE sessions will take place outside unless there are extreme weather conditions i.e. ice, snow or heavy rain. Please ensure they have the appropriate kit e.g. jogging bottoms/leggings and a jumper/hoodie)



New spellings will be sent home on a Friday and children will be tested on these the following Friday.

Each half term, children will be encouraged to complete homework from a 'homework menu' from their class teacher. This will be a range of activities relating to their current topic that parents can complete with their children. Please do share photographs of your children carrying out the tasks by e-mailing them to

Topics covered:


Spring 1- The Ruin of Britain


This term will be packed full of historical learning as we delve into the past of Anglo Saxons. Y5 will look at all aspects of Anglo-Saxon life including farming, jobs, battles, art and religion, gaining knowledge along the way about the difference between the rich and poor during this era. We will be historical learners by asking perceptive questions, thinking critically, weighing evidence, and developing judgement. By stepping into the shoes of an Anglo Saxon, we will have a coherent understanding of Britain’s past and the process of change throughout time.

Books to enjoy at home!


Spring 1


Horrible Histories- Smashing Saxons by Terry Deary

Readers can discover all the foul facts about the Smashing Saxons, including:

- who got cow pats as Christmas presents

- why wearing a pig on your head is lucky

- how to make a dead Saxon happy





 Anglo-Saxons by Jane Bingham

Travel back to the time of the Anglo Saxons! Who was Alfred the Great? Where did the Anglo Saxons come from, and what traditions and beliefs did they bring with them? Explore this ancient civilisation to understand how prehistoric people have influenced the way we live today.
Find out how we know about the Anglo Saxons, and how archaeologists and historians have pieced together their story from the evidence and artefacts found. Learn about the Anglo-Saxon way of life - how they farmed and feasted, what they believed and where and how they lived. Information about their songs, music, poems, arts and crafts will help you to picture yourself among them. Read an Anglo-Saxon warrior's letter and try your hand at making an Anglo-Saxon helmet!


Anglo-Saxon Boy by Tony Bradman

The story of one Anglo-Saxon boy's journey to the Battle of Hastings in 1066: Key Stage 2 History brought to life as battle-packed adventure.
1065: Magnus is the son of Harold Godwinson, lord of the Southern Saxons and ruthlessly ambitious claimant to the throne of England. Overnight, Magnus finds himself cast centre-stage in the blood-soaked family feud that led to one of history’s most famous battles.
This is the family tragedy behind 1066: live it with Magnus, as the wolves of history close in on his Anglo-Saxon boyhood.


Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo

In fifth-century Denmark, a murderous monster stalks the night, and only the great prince of the Geats has the strength and courage to defeat him. Beowulf's terrifying quest to destroy Grendel, the foul fiend, a hideous sea-hag and a monstrous fire-dragon is the oldest surviving epic in British

Y5MP Christmas Carol Concert

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Y5BS Christmas Carol Concert

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!